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Acoustic Guitar Making Course & Luthier Course
Instruction by Master Luthier - Chris Wynne

Australia`s only Luthier School Using 100% Australian Tonewoods

Thomas Lloyd Guitars - School Of Acoustic Guitar Making - Australian Boonaree - Rosette Thomas Lloyd Guitars - School Of Acoustic Guitar Making - Tasmanian Blackheart Sassafras

Thomas Lloyd Guitars - School Of Acoustic Guitar Making, Australia

From the novice woodworker to the experienced builder alike, our acoustic guitar building courses allow students to choose from a wide range of acoustic guitar types and designs, including:

Classical (nylon string), Flamenco (nylon string), Steel String, OOO, OO, Dreadnaught, Jumbo, 12 String, Acoustic Bass, Left Handed plus stylish Timber or Paua shell rosette inlays - Plus Chris Wynne`s own CA MODEL (Small bodied Acoustic)

Our very popular Acoustic Guitar-Making Course may be taken over an intensive two-week period or alternatively, over a more relaxed ten-week period consisting of one class per week. Both courses consist of a total of around 80 hours.
Our Luthier Course is a more extended course of study which may be taken over an intensive five-week period or over a twelve-week period consisting of two classes per week, for a total of 220 hours.

See some of our students who have completed our guitar building courses over the last 10 years! View our student video testimonials
(*minimum enrolment age is 15 years)

You Hand Select 100% Australian Tonewoods!

Thomas Lloyd Guitars - School Of Acoustic Guitar Making - Tasmanian Blackheart Sassafras
Tasmanian Blackheart Sasafras

Thomas Lloyd Guitars - School Of Acoustic Guitar Making - Australian Gidgee - Rosette

King William Pine and Gidgee Rosette

Thomas Lloyd Guitars - School Of Acoustic Guitar Making, Australia

Queensland Maple neck shavings

Thomas Lloyd Guitars - School Of Acoustic Guitar Making - Australian Fiddleback Blackwood
Tasmaian Blackwood and King Billy Pine


Thomas Lloyd Guitars - School Of Acoustic Guitar Making - Tasmanian Tiger Myrtle
Tasmanian Tiger Myrtle
 Thomas Lloyd Guitars - School Of Acoustic Guitar Making - Australian Cooba
Australian Cooba
 Thomas Lloyd Guitars - School Of Acoustic Guitar Making - Western Australian Sheoak
Australian Sheoak

We use AAA grade solid Australian tonewoods exclusively, including:

King William (Billy) Pine, Bunya Pine, Huon Pine, Tasmanian & Victorian Fiddleback Blackwood, Cooba (Native Willow), Western Australian Sheaok, Tasmanian Blackheart Sassafras, Tasmanian Tiger Myrtle, Tasmanian Myrtle, Queensland Maple, Jarrah, Gidgee & Mulga 

*Now available Queensland Kauri Pine for Soundboards

1. Acoustic Guitar-Making Course

  • 80 hours of instruction
        (1 x week for 10 weeks or 2 weeks straight - 8 hr days)
  • students complete every step of the building process themselves
    This is not a pre-prepared kit!
  • students take a home a custom acoustic guitar with solid-body guitar case (valued at $180)
  • we provide personalised guidance by limiting our classes to a maximum of six students 
  • all necessary tools and protective equipment are provided
  • previous experience in woodworking and machine handling, while an advantage, is not required
  • as well as building an instrument, students also learn how and why various Australian timbers work for guitar construction
  • Only 6 students maximum per class! 

Pre-Course Customisation

  • deciding the style of guitar you wish to custom build
    hand-selecting your tonewoods from our fine range of AAA Grade Australian timbers from our wood store
    discussion of additional design options for your guitar 

Instruction & Guidance During Building

  • bending the guitar sides
  • creating the soundboard, rosette and guitar back
  • shaping the soundboard and back bracing
  • fitting and gluing the top, back and sides
  • creating and fitting the guitar neck (with a full dovetail joint - NO bolt on or pre-made necks are used!)
  • custom shaping the guitar neck to suit your personal playing requirements
  • fitting the frets to your desired scale length
  • building your custom-design bridge and headstock they way you want it 
  • final sanding and finishing
  • Natural danish oil finish with a wax polish 
  • setting-up your guitar for optimal playability

Pricing & Terms

Course Fees
Includes all materials and accessories, tonewoods, machine heads, rosette, truss rod, nut, saddle, fret dots, strings & solid guitar case!

$3,330 AUD  Stanley, Tasmania Course. 2 full weeks (plus your accommodation fees)
$3,500 AUD  Saturday or Sunday or 2 full weeks. Melbourne course only
$5,800 AUD  
Lucca, Italy (once a year in May) Includes 2 full weeks accommodation  

Payment Terms

  • 2 Week Course: $500 deposit with the remaining $3,000 payable in full on first day of course
  • 10 Week Course: $500 deposit with 50% payable on the 1st day of course and remaining 50% payable at the 5th week of course
  • ***Contact us if you need an extension to pay up to 3 months after your course has commenced. We would expect min $2,000 paid by the first day of the course and then $500 each month after the course has completely finished.
    (includes 2 and 10 week courses)

Optional extras

  • $80     Paua Shell Rosette Inlay & or Extensive inlays
  • $500   Cutaway Guitar                

       "Master Grade" Australian tonewoods available: price on application

Enrolment Forms | Course Calendar | Flickr Gallery  | Accommodation

An Industry Note:
Chris Wynne founded TLG and has been teaching acoustic guitar building at his workshop for 10 years, custom building for over 25 years and has taught well over 500 hundred students PLUS produced
Australias only Only Master Class DVD collection in Acoustic Guitar Making that is sold world wide
Your investment of time and money at Thomas Lloyd Guitars will ensure you come away with a beautiful hand crafted instrument!

2. The Luthier Course

Our unique Luthier Course attracts both novice and advanced students alike from throughout Australia as well as from overseas. This extended course includes all the features of our Acoustic Guitar-Making Course and adds the following extended features:

  • 240 hours of instruction 
  • you complete two instruments of your own style and design choice
    (with cases)
  • you hand-select your AAA grade solid Australian tonewoods
  • guidance in advanced building techniques 
  • exclusive instruction from visiting specialists in the fields of acoustic soundboard testing, use and maintenance of specialized hand tools
    and the art of guitar inlay (no other course offers this!)
  • plus wood yard and Maton Guitars site visits
  • guidance on setting up your own home workshop
  • a four-volume collection of essential guitar building reference books from distinguished authors around the world 
  • exclusive email and online Luthiers Forum to help support you with your continued building (part of the DVD product)
  • the complete Masterclass in Acoustic Guitar Making 10-DVD box set
    with 60-page Luthiers Handbook
  • There is no other course in Australia like it! 

Pricing & Terms

Course Fee (includes all materials, tonewoods, accessories, reference materials plus your bonus, our 10-DVD box set & Luthiers Handbook with discount to our Australian wood packs)

$9,500 AUD

Payment Terms

  • 6 Week Course: $1,000 deposit with 5 weekly payments
    of $1,700 once the course begins
  • 3 Month Course: $1,100 deposit with 14 weekly payments
    of $600 once the course begins
  • We are flexible with your payments throughout the course

      "Master Grade" Australian tonewoods available: Price on application

Enrolment Forms | Course Calendar | Flickr Gallery  | Accommodation





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