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Course Timetable 2014
(We run on the Victorian State - School Calendar Term) 

Luthier Course:
$9,500 - 5 Weeks or 3 Months. Melbourne Only

Acoustic Guitar Building Options:
$3,330 - Tasmania - (Your local accommodation is an extra fee)
$3,500 - Melbourne - Thursdays and/or Fridays. A Saturday or a Sunday.  2 week course.
$5,300 - Lucca, Italy - 2 week course, includes 15 nights accommodation

2 or 10 Week Course:
We run our various courses at our "Montsalvat" Workshop in Melbourne all year around and also hold 2 Week courses in Tasmania and Lucca, Italy. 

We are happy to personalise a 2-week course throughout tour terms in Melbourne to suit Local & Interstate/International students.

Classes are 6 Students Per Class maximum! 

Please note: If you are interested in the Luthiers Course we run this with only 3 Luthier students at a time. This course is held  mid week
Mondays to Fridays.

For All International/Interstate students we are happy to work you into a
5 week block, Mon to Fri - instead of 2 days a week over 3 months for
the Luthiers Course

TBA = To be advised.                                                         Last updated 15 Nov 2013


Term Dates 

2013 2014

Summer School
2 Weeks

(Mon-Sat) 70 Hours, Melbourne


Mon  06/01 -19/1

Term 1 for 10 weeks - held in Melbourne 


Sat 26/01 - Sun 06/04


2 Spaces Available


Term 2  - Benabbio, Lucca -Italy
Choose either Class 1 or Class 2
Courses are 2 weeks

All accommodation and course are held at Villa San Rocco - Benabbio.

Click here for course details


Class 1:
Check in
 Wednesday 16th April
12 noon.
Check out
Thursday 1st May 10am. (15 nights’ accommodation)

Course Starts:

Thurs - Wed
17th April to 30th April

1 space

Class 2:
Check in Sunday 4th May 12 noon.
Check out Monday 19th May 10am. (15 nights’ accommodation) 

Course Starts:
Mon - Sun
5th May to 18th May

Class 3:
Check in Wednesday 21st May 12 noon.
Check out Thursday 5th June 10am. (15 nights’ accommodation)

Course  Starts:
Thurs -Wed
22rd May to 4th June
1 space

2 Week Course
2 Weeks (Mon-Sat)
70 Hours. Held in Melbourne


Mon 30/06 - Sun 13/07
5 spaces available

Term 3 for 10 weeks - held in Melbourne


Saturdays Only TBA:

16/07 - 20/09
5 spaces available

Luthiers Course
5 Week Course or a 3 Months twice a week for 3 months
(Mon-Fri) 8am - 5pm Daily 

Held in Melbourne only

21/07 - 22/08
(Mon - Fri)
1 space available


Stanley, Tasmania
2 Weeks (Mon-Sat) 70 Hours


22/09 -  05/10
TBA - Please contact us if you are interested in this course!

Term 4 
Thur or Fridays & Saturday or Sundays.
Held in Melbourne for 10 weeks
70 Hours. Held in Melbourne

Term  Dates:
Sat 12/10 – 22/12

Saturdays: FULL

Now till 21/12


13/10 - 22/12

Term Dates:
Wed 08/10 - Sun 21/12
5 spaces available in all 

11/10 - 20/12
12/10 - 21/12
or Mid Week
(Thu or Fri):
09/10 - 19/12 

Closed For Holidays

23/12 till 06/01/2014

22/12 till 04/01/2015


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