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Healdsburg Festival - Thomas Lloyd Guitars, Australia

Thomas Loyd Guitars, Healdsberg Festival 2009


Over 130 Of The World's Finest Luthiers On Show!

Thanks For The Invite, Healdsburg!

Our road trip took in a week long Master Classe with Classical Player Christopher Parkening in Montana, then a dash over to visit Stewart MacDonald - Luthier Suppliers, Ohio for 3 days, checked out New York Guitar stores then headed back over to California for Healdsburg Guitar Festival.

This festival is where the Elite players from all over the world loiter amungst the makers, keenly listening to guitars to ensure they are the first to hear a new sound!

Planes, Trains and Automobiles as tthe theme of the trip along with potential Classical and Acoustic players road testing our stunning new range of Australian Timber Guitars featuring the usual crew of:

King Billy

Huon Pine

Tiger Myrtle



Gidgee & Mulga

plus a few new ones !!!

Our Daily Updates from USA!

Stage 1

Landed in San Francisco. Weather around 23 degrees. Visted GSP Guitar Shop along with Bloomingdales, Maceys, Victoria's Secret (Chris's favourite), Saks on Fifth Ave and Borders Book shop for a cuppa and catching up on USA Guitar Magazine gossip!

Stage 2

Bozeman, Montana

Attended Christopher Parkening's Master Class for 4 days whilst staying on a Ranch!

Had a great time. The Master Class was filled with wonderful young talent, we visited Yellowstone National Park, attended Classical guitar reticals and enjoyed the very organic food that Bozeman and Livingston Montana, have to offer.

A visit to Gibson Guitars was amazing. Met the Master Luthier Ren Ferguson  and had a factory tour. Went to Waverly (Machine Head Manufactures) and had a factory tour with Eric!  Thanks everyone for your time!

Wild animals just saunder through the ranch fields at dawn and dusk. Bears, deer, skunks, rattle snakes, moose and many more. You dont always get to see them but we know they are there.

Stage 3

Athens, Ohio  

Spend 2 days at Stewart MacDonald - Luthier Suppliers. Met all the gang from the front office to the warehouse staff, including the famous Dan Erlewine.  We had a ball, nothing like meeting like minded folks!

Pleasent town with wide verandas and swinging chairs to sit in during the summer nights. A college town with a wide range of Organic food stores, and restaurants. Surrounded by forests we also visited the wood supplier of KOA (Blackwood's Distant Cousin).

Thanks Jay and the Stew Mac Gang for looking after us!

Stage 4

New York

Times Square, Empire State Building, Yellow Cabs, Upsized meals, and general madness.... what a great city.

Went to amazing guitar stores all over the city including Guitar Salon, Matt Umanov and Rudys Music.  WOW was the term mostly used when they first saw our Australian Timber Guitars then the next question was how can we get some of those!!!

Stage 5


Santa Rosa, California

Amazing collection of Acoustic Guitars at Healdsburg.

Rubbed shoulders with some great luthiers, Linda Manzer, Chris & Jeremy Jenkins from Texas, Valentino from Graal Guitars from Italy, John O'Hanesian from Heladsburg just to name a few.

Also Visited LMI, Allied Luthiers and Gryphon Guitars, and Ervin Somogyi & Team.



Thomas Lloyd Guitars - School of Acoustic Guitar Making, Australia

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