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"A Master Class In Acoustic Guitar Making Using Australian Timber"

10 DVD Guitar Building Collection
Australia's No.1 Selling Guitar Building DVD Collection!

Our DVD'S are:

Now Distributed to 9 Countries Around The World
Sold in Carba-Tec Stores Australia Wide
Sold in USA's No.1 Selling Luthier Supplier - Stewart MacDonald
Sold in Europes No.1 Selling Tonewood & Tools Supplier - Madinter


Here are our Client Testimonials:

Having worked on this project with Chris Wynne for 6 months, we are pleased to say that we have completed a product that is concise, accurate and informative. The editing time spent will give great confidence to the new wood worker or budding luthier. An outstanding product that will become a must in every Luthiers library.
Fiona Mitchell - Executive Producer & Roger Ungers - Camerman & Editor for Thomas Lloyd Guitars

November 2008 (Via Stewart MacDonald - Luthier Suppliers USA)
I purchased the new Chris Wynne video (A Master Class In Acoustic Guitar Making)...Outstanding! This is by far the best guitar building DVD I have ever seen. Great production values, clear presentation, complete study materials, knowledgable instructor and excellent editing. I have recommended to all of my students that they purchase this DVD set to complete their luthier education.
Jamie Boss - Hot Strings Guitar Shop - Milford CT - USA

First off I would like thank you and to congratulate you on the Master Class DVD’s, What a fantastic package! I’ve been glued to the TV since receiving the parcel. I suppose the next step in this exciting venture is to order some timber from you.
Stephen Lawrence - Melbourne Australia

I've really enjoyed watching the DVD's. They were just what I was looking for!
Richard Smart - Sydney Australia

I have finished viewing the DVDs, congratulations to everyone on a fine set of instructional DVD's. Chris has a relaxed and easy style that lends itself perfectly to this format. I work as a Mechanical Instructor in an Aviation Maintenance Training school in Brisbane and know what it's like to impart skills and knowledge to complete strangers. It was a pleasure to watch Chris, he obviously knows his subject intimately and can impart the passion for his craft. Wasn't bored once!
Wally Taylor - Australia

I just received my order, about an hour after midday here in the Eastern US. The package was in good shape. I am pleased with the Course. The DVD's, and Luthiers Handbook are well done and professional. Tell Chris for me that the Master Course on DVD is great ,and he knows his stuff. Its a big help! 
David MacFarlane (Uncle to Seth MacFarlane Creater of "Family Guy" TV Show!) USA

I've watched all the DVDs. After seeing your interview with Australian Jack Spira I've given some more thought to materials for the guitar. I was particularly impressed by the back and sides of West Australian sheoak - seeing Spira's mandolin was and Inspiration! 

I think the DVD's are really excellent. I've been able to work through some of the construction steps for my new guitar in my mind.
Peter MacGregor - Melbourne Australia

I am building guitars since 1978, beginning with solid bodies, followed by thin lines. 1998 I started with archtops and in the last years I discovered the acoustic guitars. 

Building guitars is my hobby. In my other life I am a specialist for psychosomatic medicine (I studied medicine and psychology). I have enjoyed the DVD's, 4 times so far. 
Dr. Thomas Schmidt-Winkler - Dusseldorf, Germany

I am looking forward to custom building my guitar with the DVD's
Ron Ryder - Ohio - USA

I purchased the DVD's from Stew Mac. I live in New York and get a lot of my supplies from Stew Mac. They offer great service. I have really enjoyed the DVD’s. Extremely well done!
Jack Thompson - New York - USA

The DVDs are wonderful.  Great information and it seems as close to being there with you in the workshop!
Chuck Rehberg - USA

Just wanna say...WOW...I am really impressed and can't wait to get started.  I just absolutely love this DVD set.
Nicholas Herbert - MI - USA

I am enjoying your DVD course very much. As a hobbyist, working on my 6th guitar, your DVD course has helped me gain the confidence to try building from scratch instead of pre-serviced kits. 

Up to this point I've built my guitars just by having read a book.  You have no idea how helpful the DVD's have been.  I've watched each of them several times, and what a delight to actually see someone else building a guitar - AND he actually knows what he's doing!  Chris's DVD's are right up there with my drum sander as the best investment I ever made. Thanks so much! 
Carl Fish - USA

Congratulations on a great DVD collection, it's very informative and will be a great reference tool over the years to come.
Paul McAskill - Cowes - Australia
The quality of your dvd course and book is excellent and well worth the $$'s. Many thanks for your efforts in this.
Gerry Affat, Brighton - Melbourne
Dan Esala, Chagrin Falls, Ohio - USA

I was halfway through a project when I ordered your DVD's. They were exceedingly helpful in helping me finish my 5th Guitar.  It is the sweetest sounding guitar I've made so far! I'm now just finishing the soundbox of my next guitar, following fairly exclusively Chris Wynne's plans.

About August last year (2008) I purchased your Master class in acoustic guitar making. I just wanted to let you know that I have finished watching it once through and was almost disappointed when I did finish.
So now I am watching it for a second time!
I am enjoying it very much and I am learning a lot.
Craig Hilderbrand - Australia

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Guitar Building DVD's By Thomas Lloyd Guitars, Aus

I purchased A Master Class In Acoustic Guitar Making, DVD Collection by Chris Wynne, Outstanding!! ... World Class information.... Easy to follow, Bea....

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